To log in to TOES, you must use your TOES account. You can not connect using your TFMS account.

TICA has decided to replace the old TDS system with a new system - TFMS. This system is being developed by TICA, and serves as the back-end system for TICA, and is the system where TICA clients can go to register their cats with TICA and to use other services offered by TICA.

TOES on the other hand is a system that has been around for more than a decade now, and that focuses solely on the entire process around TICA shows. The TOES platform provides a show calendar (the official TICA show calendar) and allows clubs to list their shows. It also offers a very wide range of entry-clerking tools (with a high level of automation) to make the entry clerking process as easy as it can be. In TOES, each user will manage their personal data and their cats' information. Again, this system is completely detached from TFMS. In TOES you can have cats that are registered with TICA as well as cats that are not. But it is up to you, to maintain the information.