The clubs can use TOES at their choice as their entry tool.

TOES is a project that is completely independent of TICA, and that only aims at facilitating the process of organizing and entering shows, by automating the entry process to the maximum extent possible. We maintain this software at best effort, and while we have an excellent track record over the past decade, ad-hoc issues can not be avoided. TOES is in no way liable for any damages, losses or claims that may occur as a result of or in the context of mistakes, problems, unavailability, or any other type of issue related to TOES and the platform it runs on.

The use of the TOES show calendar is free of charge. TOES is the official TICA show calendar.

TOES is a fully self-service product, and as such does not provide free support. Premium support services can be requested and will be invoiced per started block of 15 minutes.

The Cat Show App, or TICApp, is an add-on app that runs on Android and on iOS devices, and that aims at providing an electronic tool for exhibitors and clerks. It provides extensive validations that aim at delivering error-free catalogs, a real-time show dashboard, as well as numerous add-on services after the show like instant error-free scoring, individual campaign tracker, title claim forms, show reports. Just as with TOES, we do not take any responsibility if the use of our app would cause any kind of damage, loss, or claim. You use the app at your own risk.

The Visitor App is another add-on app that enriches the experience of visiting a cat show. It provides generic yet in-depth information to visitors and provides an extensive advertisement platform. The use of the app is again at your own risk, and we take no responsibility.


using TOES as your entry tool, using the Cat Show App to record all results, and providing the visitor app to your visitors: 75 EUR
using TOES as your entry tool, but not using the apps:  300 EUR
not using TOES, but access to HTML formatted show description on the show calendar (no ads allowed): 50 EUR
not using TOES, or the apps: FREE

Payment and fines

TOES will issue PayPal invoices for the fees owed, and these are payable within 10 days of creation.
Invoices that are not paid within the 10 day period will incur a 50 EUR late payment fee.
If the invoice remains unpaid for another 5 days, an additional 75 EUR very late fee will be applied, and the club's services will be temporarily suspended until the payment is received.
This suspension will be removed if the payment is received within 5 days of issuing the very late fee.
Any invoice that is not paid within 5 days of issuing the very late fee will result in a permanent suspension of the club's services until such time that the invoice is fully paid and an additional 500 EUR fine is paid.


All advertisement on the show calendar is restricted. You may only include advertisements that you can select from the show setup screen. If you include any advertisement in your listing on TOES that does not come from our pre-approved advertisement selection, you will be fined double the amount that is being paid for the advertisement and no less than 500 EUR.

The advertisements will be made available through that interface, and you can select as many as you want from the advertisements that are available for your show. Ad revenue generated by these ads will be shared with the clubs!!!