The Cat Show App is a cross-platform app (running on Android as well as on iOS) that provides Exhibitors, Show Managers, Ring Clerks and Master Clerks at a TICA show a much richer experience.

For TICA exhibitors

  • An electronic Show Catalog
  • Automatic checks - no more mechanical mistakes (you can let the app enforce the show mechanics so that you cannot make mistakes)
  • Select cats for which you want to receive notifications when they are being called to a ring, or when finals are starting
  • You can check the displays in the show hall which will give you a real-time view of what is going on in the rings (or, you can watch it in your browser/on your phone!)
  • You can log in using your TOES account
for our premium members, there are additional features:
  • Automatically receive the results from the rings as the show is progressing (no need to write down the results yourself)
  • Get access to a marked catalog after the show
  • Secure checking by the master clerk

For the ring clerks

  • Log in using your TOES account, and automatically get "ring clerk" features in those rings where you are clerking
  • If you are not assigned as a ring clerk in TOES, you can still get the special privileges using a ring clerk access code that the show manager can provide for your ring
  • see the absentee and transfer lists
  • Call cats to the rings directly from your app (this will send notifications to the exhibitors)
  • mark the ring results in the app (mechanical checks are enforced here by the app)
  • automatically receive transfers from other rings/from the master clerk
  • automatically uploads your ring results to the master catalog for checking by the master clerk
  • page exhibitors to the ring for your finals

For the master clerk

  • Log in using your TOES account, and automatically get "master clerk" features in those rings where you are clerking
  • Mark absentees
  • Register transfers
  • Automatically propagate absentees and transfers to the ring clerks
  • Automatically receive results from the rings
  • Lock results after comparing them with the yellow pages from the judge
  • Add or update entries (this will also synchronize with TOES, so the marked catalog will be perfectly aligned)
  • Real-time show scoring
  • Real-time dashboard for the show

For the clubs

  • have a fully electronic, and real-time experience in your show hall
  • have the ability to display real-time dashboards on screens/TVs/browsers 
  • provides an excellent platform for the advertisers/vendors to get exposure for their products
  • can be used free of charge (if you don't use it you will actually be charged a fee to compensate for missed advertisement opportunity)
  • have an error-free master catalog
  • have a marked catalog after the show
  • have access to real-time show scoring (best of the best)

For visitors

  • have access to the real-time dashboard that makes sure you don't miss out on any of the events taking place in the show hall
  • have an overview of which kittens and cats are in the show hall
  • have a clear view of vendors/advertisers at the show
  • and much more to follow in the dedicated visitor app later this year...