TICA has decided to replace the old TDS system with a new system - TFMS. This system is being developed by TICA, and serves as the back-end system for TICA, and is the system where TICA clients can go to register their cats with TICA and to use other services offered by TICA. TICA is not in the business of organizing shows - and that is where TOES comes in.


TOES is a system that has been around for more than a decade now, and that focuses solely on the entire process around TICA shows. The TOES platform provides a show calendar (the official TICA show calendar) and allows clubs to list their shows. It also offers a very wide range of entry-clerking tools (with a high level of automation) to make the entry clerking process as easy as it can be. In TOES, each user will manage their personal data and their cats' information. Again, this system is completely detached from TFMS. In TOES you can have cats that are registered with TICA as well as cats that are not. But it is up to you, to maintain the information.

There is some integration between TOES and TICA's backend systems:
- applying for show licenses
- maintaining a list of clubs recognized by TICA
- a validation process to check eligibility for the showing of cats that are not registered with TICA
- an automated reminder process for clubs that have listed shows and that don't have a show license yet

The Cat Show App and The Visitor App

Where TOES supports the entry clerking process before the show, The Cat Show App supports the events at the show (ring clerking, master clerking, best of best, ...). This app is new and will be introduced in 2022, and we hope that all shows using TOES will also be using the app by the start of the 2022-2023 show season. This app introduces a lot of new wonderful features for exhibitors and clerks. It also enables the possibility to automatically score the show, and it guarantees that no mechanical errors can be made. Last but not least, it creates a number of advertising opportunities that will also help the clubs financially. You can find the app on the Apple App Store as well as on the Google Play Store, under the name "The Cat Show App".

The Visitor App is currently in development and aims to enrich the experience of visiting a TICA show. It will provide a lot of useful, tailored information to the visitors, and it will provide discounts and vouchers, as well as advertisements. Expect this app to become available in the middle of next year.