If you know what category and division your cat is in, select the corresponding value from the respective fields.

If you are unsure, skip these fields and enter your cat’s color directly into the field Color. The category and division will be filled automatically when you choose a color.


When you select a category or division, only colors within that category and/or division are available for the field Color. If you select the wrong category or division you may not find your cat’s color. If you have already selected a value for one or both of those fields, click on the selected value, scroll to the top of the list, and choose the entry Select Category or Select Division to reset your selection. Afterward, all colors recognized for Championship Competition for your breed (group) will be offered for the field Color.

If you are showing a cat in a color that is not recognized for Championship Competition in your breed (group), select the checkbox New trait. Afterward, all colors recognized by TICA will be available for you to choose from. But be careful - even if you then select a color that is recognized for Championship Competition in your breed (group), your cat will be entered in the New Traits class.