If you have not opened your show for entries yet, or if you don't have any entries or placeholders yet, then you don't have to take any additional action.

But, what if you already had entries in place?

Well, in this case, you will have to edit each entry you already have, and you (the entry clerk) will have to indicate in which session(s) each of them is going to participate. This can be tedious work if you already have a lot of entries! Make sure to list your show in the correct format before opening for entries if you want to avoid this manual work.

So, how do you edit the entries?

First, go to the entry clerk view, and pull up all your entries

Then click the EDIT ENTRY icon next to the entry

Click your way through the steps, until you get the screen where you are being prompted in which sessions the entry will participate. Select the correct ones, and continue.

In the last step, don't forget to check the box that you accept the show rules, and save the entry.
That's it!

And what about the placeholders?

These, you must delete, and add again.