Attention: if we are getting reports of users with multiple accounts (which causes difficulties for entry clerks) we will disable your accounts. It is your responsibility to make sure you have only one account in TOES.

In TOES, it is important that you do not have more than one account. Why?
- cats are linked to an account. If you create multiple accounts, you cannot create new records for your registered cats, as TOES will see that they already exist in TOES.
- If you create your cats anyway, without registration numbers, TOES will see them as different cats.
- If you have some cats on one account and other cats on your second account, you won't be able to enter cats linked to your other account in a show
- Entry clerks would not know which one of your accounts to use if they are making entries for you
- many more reasons...

So, if you do have multiple accounts, you really must consolidate your information.

Scenario 1 - You still have access to all of your accounts

  1. Select the account you will maintain. Let's call it your main account
  2. Log in to your additional account, and go to My Cats
  3. Edit each of your cats, scroll down to the People section at the bottom, and add your main account, then remove your additional account
  4. Save the Cat, confirming the warning that you will no longer have access to this cat's information (from your additional account)
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each additional account you have.
  6. Contact us, and let us know what your main account is, what your additional account(s) is(are), and we will disable the additional accounts
Scenario 2 - You don't have access to all your accounts anymore
  1. Try to recover your username/password for the accounts you cannot access. If you are successful, follow the instructions of Scenario 
  2. If your additional accounts do not have any cats/entries linked to it: contact us, and we will disable/remove those accounts.
  3. If your additional accounts do have cats/entries linked to it, and you are not able to access your accounts anymore, then you will need the help of an administrator.
    Attention, this is a premium service and subject to a fee! Please, try to resolve this issue in self-service first.